White Sands Community Hall Society Bylaws and Minutes

The Community Hall Society holds Resident quarterly meetings and an Annual General Meeting held in June at which its Board members are elected.  Every property owner in the Summer Village of White Sands is encouraged to attend these meetings

These meetings are held on a Saturday at the Community Hall located on Front Street and start at 10 a.m. 

Next Annual General Meeting 

Saturday June 4, 2022

Next Quarterly Meetings are:

Saturday October 15, 2022

Saturday December 3, 2022


Effective June 13, 2020

Any person owning Property in the Summer Village of White Sands and being the full age of 18 years, may be a member of the Hall Society. Membership in this Society entitles a member in good standing to vote on matters of the Society and to hold office in the Society.  Such votes must be made in person or by proxy.


White Sands Community Hall Society Minutes

Minutes - April 30, 2022

Minutes - October 5, 2021

Annual General Meeting
June 8, 2021

Minutes - April 20, 2021

Minutes - June 13, 2020